Whether you’re an integrator, end-user, or manufacturer, stay up to date with new technologies and best practices with Momentum Security Training


Physical Security Training you need When you need it!

Momentum Security Training is a flexible and modular system for physical security training. We offer courses online because we know how busy you are. Watch our high-quality training videos from ANYWHERE and ANY TIME!


Training for technicians, installers, engineers, and system/solution integrators. Stay updated with new technologies and best practices.

End User

Learn more about physical security and the industry. Find out what to look for when choosing a manufacturer’s product and what questions to ask your solution provider.


Train new staff in the physical security industry so they can better help serve your customers. Learn about where the industry started, where it’s going, who the players are and so much more.

Disrupting the status quo

Momentum Security Training is disrupting the status quo in the physical security industry by providing high-quality, context-based education that empowers our students to deliver the best solutions.

Legacy training has been either manufacturer taught or peer taught, both of which have their own limitations. Momentum Security Training focuses on WHY it works regardless of the product. Our students develop a deeper understanding of the technologies and theory to better serve their customers.