Introduction to the Physical Security Industry

Introduction to the Security Industry is perfect for someone new to the physical security industry or looking for an update on the overall market.

In this course, you’ll learn

  • Where the security industry started
  • Where the market is today both globally and in the US
  • Where it’s going
  • We’ll walk through who the players are
  • What are the different product categories
  • How the sales channel works in the industry
  • Deeper overviews into Video Surveillance, Access Control, and Intrusion.

Who the course is for

Introduction to the Physical Security Industry is for anyone new to the physical security industry. From new

  • Technicians and installers
  • Front office employees
  • Manufacturer employees
  • End users
  • Investors

Your Instructor

Chris Wilson, CSPM

A security professional with over 22 years experience in the US security market, from mid-market through enterprise. His experience ranges from senior technician, project manager, and system design engineer/solutions architect.He is an active CSPM (Certified Security Project Manager) and industry expert for system design and best practices/techniques. He is also an instructor for the CSPM Course with SIA.

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